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Happy Birthday, Scott Magoon - August 31

Happy Birthday, Scott Magoon - August 31

This birthday celebration is brought to you by the power of Twitter. 

Last year (2017), I tweeted Erica S. Perl to wish her a "Happy Birthday" and she replied back that she shares a birthday with Scott Magoon.

Scott Magoon is the author-illustrator of Boy Who Cried Bigfoot! and Breathe. He has also illustrated books for Kate DiCamillo (Spoon and Chopsticks) and Ame Dyckman (Misunderstood Shark). 

Upon, finding out that Erica S. Perl and Scott Magoon were birthday buddies I tweeted Scott to congratulate him on his book, I Have a Balloon.

I asked Scott if we could add his birthday to our growing author and illustrator birthday calendar.

Let's fast forward to this year (2018)...I thought it would be fun to have a Twitter-inspired birthday celebration for Scott who illustrated the 2018 New York Times Best SellerRescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship.

We would be meeting the authors of Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship, Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, on September 1st at the National Book Festival 2018 and I had a quick and fun way to let Scott know we were thinking of him.

Rescue and Jessica is a courageous story about Jessica and her service dog, Rescue. Rescue learns he is more suited to be a service dog despite be trained as a guide dog. Jessica learns she will be an amputee after suffering a tragic injury at the Boston Marathon in 2013. They are both worried about what the future holds but their perseverance leads them together. Together Rescue and Jessica form a friendship like no other.

Before leaving Ohio for Washington D.C. I had everything I needed for our Twitter birthday celebration.

Upon meeting Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, I explained our blog and asked if they would share their birthdays with us (Jessica's is March 1st and Patrick's is June 8th). Then, I asked if they would help us celebrate Scott Magoon's birthday right there in the autographing line!

I tweeted the photo to Scott and he replied right away! Yay! Our first ever Twitter birthday party!

A huge thank you to Jessica and Patrick (and Rescue) for helping out and for signing our book. 

I hope to add Scott Magoon's autograph to our book when he visits the Mazza Museum for the Weekend Conference on November 8-9, 2018!

1. Scott Magoon's Website
2. Follow Scott Magoon on Twitter

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Happy Birthday, Brendan Wenzel - March 29

Happy Birthday, Brendan Wenzel - March 29

I loved sorting baseball cards when I was little. I would sort in numerical order, not by team or player. The card number was on the back along with the statistics and player information. I always checked the player's birthday to see if it was the same as mine. Cy Young, a player who played in the early 1900s, and I have the same birthday. I never had one of his cards but I was pretty excited when I learned that I had the same birthday as the guy who was named after the award given to the best pitcher of the year.

At some point I must have looked up all the birthdays of the U.S. presidents because as I was writing this post I recalled that I have the same birthday as the 10th president, John Tyler. I know nothing else about John Tyler, but I know his birthday is March 29th.

Maybe my fascination with birthdays started when I was in first grade when I met my best friend. His birthday is March 24th, not the same as mine, but I thought it was close enough to count. I knew right away that we would be best friends since our birthdays were so close. We still call each other every year on our birthdays.

Imagine my excitement when I flipped to March in the 2017 Perma-Bound author birthday calendar and found that I share a birthday with a recent Caldecott Honor Award recipient. I wanted to email him right away to verify but I chickened out. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to ask him in person at the Mazza Museum Fall Conference 2017. And he said, "YES!"

Brendan Wenzel and I have the same birthday!

Brendan Wenzel is the author and illustrator of the 2017 Caldecott Honor Award winning book, They All Saw a Cat. He has illustrated many other books including Some Pets, written by Angela DiTerlizzi, Beastly Babies written by Ellen Jackson, and One Day in the Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Tree written by Daniel Bernstrom. As a child, Brendan was "obsessed" with learning and reading about animals and started drawing and creating art at a very early age. His parents were artists and "were always painting." (Mazza Museum Fall Conference Keynote 2017). His mother was an art educator and his father, David T. Wenzel, an illustrator, is well-known for his book The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic and many other children's books.

Brendan said, in an interview with Design of the Picture Book, "Seeing both of my parents work on their own projects and my dad create book after book made me realize early on how exciting and gratifying the art and bookmaking process could be."

Brendan studied illustration at Pratt Institute in New York and graduated in 2003. After graduation he worked in animation, storyboarding, and even as a puppet designer. However, after a few years Brendan felt his life needed more adventure. He joked with the audience at the Mazza Museum, "I wasn't seeing any animals. We decided to travel the world to see beautiful places and animals!"

He and his wife, Magdalena, traveled to see many beautiful places and lived in Vietnam. He said, "Everywhere we went I drew." He shared his illustrations on his website and the drawings of extremely rare animals caught the attention of animal researchers and conservationists. (Click here to see an illustration he did of Cambodia.) Brendan realized that his "enthusiasm for animals and art could help" animals that have been identified as threatened and endangered.

Brendan got his big break into children's books in 2013 when Angela DiTerlizzi contacted him to collaborate on the children's book, Some Bugs. Brendan said, "I had wanted to get this call for 30 years!" After Some Bugs, Brendan illustrated a few other books including a companion book, Some Pets, and hoped some day he would be able to write a book of his own. 

He said, "Everything I wrote had traditional story arcs and they weren't good." Then, one day Brendan went to get a snack and found a mouse in the kitchen. He thought maybe he should get a cat. But, he worried about how the mouse would feel if he got a cat. He wrote down the sentence "The mice saw a cat and the cat was a frightening cat." This moment sparked the beginning of his award-winning book, They All Saw a Cat, which was acquired by Chronicle Books after an 8-Publisher Auction. It later received a Caldecott Honor in 2017.

Brendan just released his latest book, Hello, Hello on March 20, 2018! Here is the trailer:

My favorite thing about Brendan Wenzel's art is the eyes of animals he draws. They are so big and fun! When I was preparing for this family reading experience I had an idea, but I didn't know if it would work. I may have never tried it but my wife texted me from Michael's Crafts to ask if I needed anything. I responded, "White and black puffy paint." I figured since she bought the paint I should probably give it try. I am glad I did!

What would we do with these two little tubes of puffy/fabric paint?
We would paint eyes on pairs of old sunglasses.
My oldest son laughed as he struggled to make the black pupils of the eyes.
We were able to fix it with a toothpick and more puffy paint.
We thought the puffy paint would give the eyes a textured look just like the eyes in Brendan's books.
My oldest daughter used a pair of sunglasses that already had eyebrows!
I think the white pair of sunglasses made the best set of eyes.

We set the "eye" glasses on cups to dry.
Then, we read a stack of Brendan's books before bed and decided not to touch the glasses until the next day.
When we were Wenzel-fied!
Brendan, it was so great to meet you at the Mazza Museum last fall! I am happy to share a birthday with you! Thank you for making such awesome books!

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Happy Birthday, Jonathan Bean - March 23

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Bean - March 23

As we were "building our house" out of craft sticks to celebrate Jonathan Bean's birthday, my youngest daughter said to me, "Daddy, what are you going to do when we are gone?"

I thought for a few moments. I was slightly confused by what she was talking about so I responded, "What do you mean?"

She repeated, "What are you going to do?"

I guessed, "Are you talking about crafts and doing stuff for author birthdays?"

She said, "Yeah. What will you do when we're gone?"

I said, "I don't know. But, you are right. Someday you will be big. You will live in a house of your own."

She responded, "You could always do author birthdays with Mommy." And then we went back to "building our house" out of craft sticks.

I can't help thinking about our conversation. Was my six-year-old daughter thinking about how her older sister is five and half years away from heading off to college? Hmmm...Probably not. Did reading Building Our House trigger thoughts of having a family of her own and moving to a new house? Maybe. Does she see how happy her dad is when we do these family projects and wants to see it continue? Who knows.

Later, I asked her why she asked the question but she didn't know.  I guess it doesn't matter at this point. We have another author birthday celebration to share with you! And wait a minute...my almost thirteen-year-old daughter was involved in this family reading experience. That means I have at least another seven years of writing this blog! (Right?) Enough with all this talk about my kids growing up and moving out.

Jonathan Bean is the illustrator of several picture books including The Apple Pie that Papa Baked, written by Lauren Thompson, Real Cowboys, written by Kate Hoefler and Bad Bye, Good Bye, written by Deborah Underwood. At the Mazza Museum Summer Conference 2015, Jonathan spoke about how much he loved art when he was a child. He was highly motivated to experiment with new art techniques to impress judges at the annual community fair, "I entered fifteen pieces every year in multiple mediums just to get more points...One year, I made a diorama of Narnia."

After graduating from Messiah College, Jonathan's experimentation with art settled on one illustration style, pastel on sandpaper.  In an interview with Seven Impossible Things he said, "I used to work in pastels a lot but it seemed to give me too much control and the result was stiff drawings." He said at Mazza, "I was told that my work felt a little cold."

In graduate school at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Jonathan started experimenting again. This time with intentions of illustrating children's books. He tried to "soften" his art by working with pencil and ink. Later, he created a whole book for a project influenced by folk art and for his thesis project he experimented with watercolor and ink.

In 2007, Jonathan Bean burst onto the children's book scene by publishing four books.

For Apple Pie that Papa Baked Jonathan was awarded the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award in 2008.
At Night, was the result of Jonathan's thesis project in graduate school. For this book, he received a Boston Globe-Horn Book Award in 2008.
Jonathan Bean described himself as, "a bit of a chameleon." His career started with different people hiring him for different styles and he decided that he liked being a chameleon. Maybe Jonathan's chameleon-style started as a child when he used multiple mediums just to get more points in an art contest, but now he uses his artistic experimentation as a way to tell the best story.

The book that sparked our family reading experience was Building Our House. This story was inspired by Jonathan's family's experience building their own house when he was just a few years old. The book chronicles the process, obstacles, and successes from the moment the family acquires the land to living happily in a finished house.

I was reading the book at the public library. I was waiting for story time to begin, my daughter and I go every Tuesday, when an illustration caught my eye.
The frame of the house to me looked like popsicle sticks.
When we got home I found a box of craft sticks and asked, "Who wants to build a house?"
My two girls said, "Yes."
"Let's read the book first."
My oldest daughter used her photography skills to take this photo.
We experimented with different ways to glue the sticks together.
We used tacky glue and hot glue. I preferred tacky glue best, but my oldest daughter like the hot glue.
Boy, did she ever!
My daughter and I worked together to build one house. 
Her design was very ambitious.
My daughter had many moments of frustration, but I was impressed with her determination to finish.
We found building the walls by making a square first and then filling in the crafts sticks worked best for us.
She thought her house was a joke, but I think it turned out great.

My youngest daughter thought she needed a few ladders so she made them all by herself. Did you know you can cut craft sticks with scissors? 
Hooray! A new house! 
But, let's not talk about you moving out for a long, long time!

1. Jonathan Bean's Website and blog
2. Follow Jonathan on Facebook, Twitter
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