Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Hug" for the Holidays from Jez Alborough: Enter to Win a 'Hug' Drawing

"Hugs express the deepest feelings, without the need for words.  Everybody needs a hug sometime - wherever you are born, whether you are young or old. Hugs are a universal phenomenon."  These are the words of Jez Alborough describing his inspiration behind his book, Hug. We celebrated his birthday on November 13 and I received quite a few comments from readers telling me that Hug is a favorite book.

Jez Alborough contacted me and was very appreciative about the birthday celebration.  He wanted to say thank you by providing a little something for the Happy Birthday Author readers.  I was excited to find a package in the mail from Jez that contained a drawing of Bobo the chimpanzee from Hug. Jez drew this sketch specifically for this contest.

I loved reading Jez's description of how Bobo's word "hug" means different things as the story progresses. "When Bobo says 'hug' at the start it means 'there is a hug', a few pages on it begins to say 'I lost my hug' whereas near the end of the story 'hug' clearly translates as 'I want my mommy - NOW!' When all the animals say 'hug' on the last spread it comes to mean 'We need each other'."  This description made me think about hugs and how everyone may have a story to tell about a hugs.

My daughter might tell you a story about her excitement to give Santa Claus a hug when he saw him last night a party.

I might tell you a story about the embrace of my wife on our wedding day nearly 8 years ago.

To be eligible to win the drawing of Bobo please take some time to share in the comments field below a special memory about a special hug.  If you can't think of a special hug memory, maybe share something about your favorite person to hug or who you would hug right now if you could.

As an added bonus for every 20 comments posted below Happy Birthday Author will be giving away a copy of Hug by Jez Alborough.  Therefore, the more people you share this contest with via twitter, facebook, and email can only help your chances in coming away with prize.

The contest will run this week and end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 19th.  Please leave your email in the comments section (i.e. happybirthdayblog at att dot net).  Good Luck and share lots of HUGS this holiday season with the ones you love.

Thank you once again to Jez Alborough for providing the very special drawing for this contest.  Please check out his awesome website at

Check out the other Bobo books:

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