Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Story and a few Shout-Outs!

Happy Valentines' Day

Susanna Hill, author of Punxsutawney Phyllis and Can't Sleep Without Sheep, hosted a Valentine's Day writing challenge.  The task was to write a story about unlikely Valentine's in 200 words or less.  I hope you enjoy my story coming in at 196 words.  I call it Puffy Pancho and Pretty Paulita: The Perfect Penguin Pair.

Puffy Pancho and Pretty Paulita: The Perfect Penguin Pair

Pancho lived at the zoo with his best pal Paulita.

Every day they played in the pool, posed for pictures, and ate plenty of fish.

Pancho’s parents and Paulita’s parents thought they were the perfect pair.

Pancho planned to propose to Paulita on Valentine’s Day.

He found the perfect pebble.

He picked the perfect place.

Pancho was prepared to pick Paulita as his perpetual partner.

The morning of Valentine’s Day was peaceful and pleasant.

Pancho was peppy and perky until he peered in the water.

The reflection showed plumage that looked puffed and plucked.

Pancho panicked and plunged into the pool.

Pancho prayed that the water would make his plumage proper.

He knew his plumage still had problems when he saw the patrons pointing.

Pancho popped out of the water and plodded to his pen.

He picked up his perfect pebble.

He peered at the perfect place.

Paulita was perched in position and looked very pretty.

Pancho paused, preened his plumage, and pranced to the perfect place.

He presented the perfect pebble and Paulita was pleased.

Pancho was proud as he posed for pictures with Paulita.

He didn’t even mind when she preened his puffy plumage.

Additionally, in the past week I was awarded two blogging awards by new friends in the 12 x 12 Challenge. Joanna Marple of Miss Marple's Musings awarded me the Liebster Award and Anna Coates of Green Tea and Toast awarded me the Kreativ Award. Thank you so much!

When I received the Kreativ award I was encouraged to pass it on to other bloggers.  So here we go:

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I think I was supposed to do five, but I couldn't narrow it down! I hope you find these blogs as enjoyable as I do!

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