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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - March 2

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - March 2

I am thankful for the more than 60 authors and illustrators that have contributed their birthday memories and traditions to Happy Birthday Author.  I get so excited when an author sends me a birthday memory to share!  I may never learn of a birthday story or tradition that Dr. Seuss had, but one of his books has inspired a birthday tradition that my wife and I will begin this year with our youngest daughter.

I have always wanted to come up with a birthday celebration activity for Happy Birthday To You! by Dr. Seuss. First I thought about simply baking a cake. Then I thought about making a giant Birthday Bird to hang by our bird feeder, without my children's knowledge, for them to see when they wake up in the morning. (I still may act upon this idea!)  After thinking about it for the past month (since we started the Dr. Seuss Birthday Countdown) I came up with an idea of a birthday tradition gift for my youngest daughter that I am really excited about.

Happy Birthday To You! contains one Dr. Seuss's most recognizable quotes, "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"  It seems, however, that the story is significantly less recognizable than the quote.  This book is set in the land of Katroo where every year on your birthday the Birthday Horn sounds, the Birthday Bird wakes you up, and day full of adventure unfolds.  There are wonderful things to stimulate all the senses from birthday luncheons to visits to the Katroo Birthday Pet Reservation where you find the tallest one to have shipped to your home.  Your birthday in Katroo is an extravaganza to celebrate how special you are.

I can't believe she is 1!
My youngest daughter will be celebrating her first birthday this month. My wife and I saw an opportunity to start a birthday tradition for her with Happy Birthday to You!. Our idea is to give her the book as a gift every year for her birthday in the same special package.  The book and package may be the same every year, but each year the book would contain a note from mom and dad telling her how important she is to us.  We plan on including memorable stories of events that happened in the past year, reflections on the accomplishments she made, and our thoughts about how there is no one "YOU-er than You!"

To make your own Happy Birthday to You! birthday gift, I created a set of printables to share.  All you need is the book and a couple of envelopes. (I purchased my copy of the book at Target for $10 or it is available on Amazon for about the same price.)

The first printable is a label for the outside of your box or envelope.  I designed the label after the USPS Priority Mail Shipping Flat Rate Box.  Packages in Happy Birthday to You! are delivered by Birthday Express, just like this package will be.  In the book, your "tallest of all-est" pet is shipped "home to you" and it "costs quite a lot." This birthday tradition won't cost you much at all!  (This printable is designed to be a faux shipment label, and should not be used if this box is being used in the actual mail.)
Click Here to Download the BIRTHDAY EXPRESS LABEL
if that link doesn't work - click here
I used a sturdy cardboard envelope and covered the label with a cold lamination sheet.  I also used a little packaging tape. I will write my daughter's name in black permanent marker on the package before giving it to her.
I wanted to add an envelope to the inside of the book to hold all of the notes from every year. I added the text below as decoration.
Click Here to Download the "You Are You" Print
if that link doesn't work - click here
I added a baby blue piece of paper behind the words to make it Seussish.

The last printable is the note cards that you can print to write a message to your child. 
Click Here to Download the Note Cards
if that link doesn't work - click here
Once your note is written, slip it inside the envelope, and package up your book to begin a birthday tradition.  Each year, print out another set of note cards, and write a special note to your little (or big) one to add to the envelope.  I can't wait to look back after several years and see all the letters we have written our daughter.
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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  This is one of my favorite days of the year.  We will revisiting our favorite books all day today!

If you have an Apple device, all the apps for Dr. Suess are on sale, 30%-75% off,  this week too! I can't believe how many are available now! I might have to buy a new one.  The best deal I found was THE CAT IN THE HAT for 99 cents!

Below are links to the iPad apps but Android Apps are on sale at Amazon too!

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