Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mercer Mayer - December 30

Happy Birthday Mercer Mayer - December 30, 1943!

I started this blog a couple of years ago, as a new stay at home dad. Life got busy with the addition of a second child and I took a break for 2 years. However, I am back blogging after things have slowed down. I love watching sports and I think parenting is somewhat like a rookie just reaching the big leagues. Everything is really fast at first for a rookie. The rookie eventually adjusts to the new speed of the game, and we find ourselves saying, "the game has slowed down for the rookie". The game doesn't really slow down, but it seems that way. Just like parenting doesn't slow down. I actually think parenting gets more complicated, but we just get better at handing all the situations.

I have been following the lesson plans from when I used to teach language arts to students with disabilities many years ago to write this blog. I found it beneficial and exciting to the students to celebrate and author's birthday each week. I have now come to "Christmas Break" and I have a void in my lesson plans. I went through a couple author's birthday calendars to find an idea for this blog. I found that coming up at the end of the month it is Mercer Mayer's birthday. I thought he would make a great blog entry because of my familiarity with reading his Little Critter books to my kids. Little Critter is a great series that has books on various topics relevant to small children.

Last year my daughter was in her first year of preschool. Her teacher had a typical small classroom library that the students were allowed to bring home books if they so desired. My daughter initially was bringing home a book called Shhh! Lift the Flaps, But Don't Wake the Giant(not a Mercer Mayer book). It was her favorite book to the point of obsession. It wasn't until she discovered There's an Alligator Under My Bedby Mercer Mayer did the "Giant Book" stop coming home. I think I have read this book 100 times. It is a simple story about a boy who believes an alligator lives under his bed and how he takes matters into his own hands to lure it out. It is a story that comes highly recommended to your child from my daughter. I can save you a trip to the library if you would like. Check out the YouTube video of Mercer Mayer reading the story.

It is already snowing here this December. Check out Mercer Mayer's Just a Snowman before going out to play in the snow.


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