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Happy Birthday Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - January 4

Happy Birthday Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - January 4, 1933

Happy New Year! I have never made a New Year's resolution. Maybe I should make one this year. Here it goes, "I must continue to write this blog". I look back on my previous posts and I am pleased with my progress. My goal is to write one post for every author's birthday that I once covered in my classroom. Accomplishing this goal would allow me to recycle all the papers in the many file folders and free up lots of space in my filing cabinet. It would be an added bonus if someone uses the materials and ideas that I have provided with their children or students.

This week Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's birthday is celebrated. The fourth graders at my school were required to independently read a novel. It just so happened that every year we read the Newbery Medal Winner, Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor after we returned from Christmas Break. It is so strange how this birthday idea coincided with my teaching so many times!

I put together a large packet to keep my students thinking throughout the reading of the Shiloh book. The packet was focused on literary elements like setting, characters, and plot. Click here to download the copy of the packet from Google Docs. A few things that need to be pointed out about the packet. There are 2 silhouettes of the characters Marty and Judd. I had my students draw what they pictured the two characters to look like on these pages. Next, there is a copy of a worksheet called "Important Events". I made as many copies as were necessary for the whole book. You would need 8 copies, however, I only scanned one for the packet. The same can be said for the Vocabulary Study Sheet. You would also need 8 copies. I used the Vocabulary Study sheet in a couple ways. Sometimes, I gave the students vocabulary words to locate while reading and then define. I also on occasion instructed my students to write down "unknown words" that they encountered while reading. Lastly, the last few pages of the packet are for the students to draw a picture of an event of their choice from each chapter. These come in handy when summarizing the story at the end. I hope you find this packet very helpful.

If you enjoy working through the packet and the Shiloh book there are two other Shiloh novels, Shiloh Season and Saving Shiloh. All three stories have been made into Movies, too.


2. YouTube Interview with Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Make Sure you Check out all the parts!)
3. Online Shiloh Questions
4. Shiloh Lesson Plan Packet from Happy Birthday Author

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