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Happy Birthday Sherry Ellis - August 1

Happy Birthday Sherry Ellis - August 1

In May 2010 we met Sherry Ellis when she was featured during a Surprise Party.  I wanted to highlight Sherry once again to celebrate her birthday.  Since the interview, her second book, That Mama is a Grouch, has become available.  That Mama is a Grouch begins with Mom tripping over a big mess of toys in the living room.  She confronts her daughter about the situation and her daughter declares she is a grouch! The torment continues when the daughter makes a mess in the kitchen, plays music too loudly, and puts handprints on the wall.  The book concludes with "The Grouch" and her daughter discussing a few rules to keep the house a happier place. This is a great book that will allow parents to discuss with their children appropriate behavior within the home and how some choices can cause frustration and stress with their parents.

Sherry was recently interviewed on BlogTalk Radio on July 24, 2010. This is a great interview, however you need to be patient as there is about 10 minutes of music before the interview. In the interview, Sherry discusses how both of her books came to be published, her latest music and book endeavors, and local Pajama Party Story Times she organizes to promote her books!  Watch for additional updates on her website or on Facebook.

Thank you to Sherry Ellis for providing a copy of That Mama is a Grouch.  The winner was Tomi and she is a Google Friend Connect follower.  Thanks to all those who entered.

Below is the original interview from May 2010 on Happy Birthday Author:

Happy Birthday Author: What is the story behind That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN?
Sherry Ellis:  My kids were terrible sleepers when they were babies.  For the first two years of their lives, I got no more than four hours of sleep a night.  Many nights I didn’t sleep at all. Believe me, I tried every method out there to get them to sleep.  Nothing worked.  One night, at about three o-clock in the morning, I was sitting in the rocking chair with my son.  A poem started going through my head.  It was the beginning of That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN! Every time he woke me up, I’d add a little more to the story in my head. After about a week, I had the whole thing composed.  I wrote it down to share with my daughter.  She thought it was funny.  It was she who suggested that I get it published. Thus began my career as an author.

Happy Birthday Author: Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your book published?

Sherry Ellis:   It was exciting to hold the first copy of my book, and see the story come to life through the illustrations.  I think that gave me the desire to keep writing.

Happy Birthday Author: I noticed you have a blog, Mama Diaries, Do you have plans for this blog?
Sherry Ellis:  My blog, Mama Diaries, is a daily account of some of the funny things my kids do, and some of the memorable things that happen in my life. It’s a way for readers to learn a little about me and connect if they wish to do so.  It also serves as something to help me remember things about my kids long after the season of childhood has passed.  As far as plans for my blog – I really don’t have any intention of publishing it as a book.  If I do, it would just be something to share with my kids when they got older.  If anything, it could be a source of inspiration for future stories.  I’ve already had a reader suggest a story based on one of my posts.

Happy Birthday Author: In addition to That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN!, I noticed you have another book, That Mama is a Grouch. Could you talk a little about this book?
Sherry Ellis: That Mama is a Grouch was also inspired by an experience I had about five years ago.  I was in my sleep-deprived state hauling a basket of laundry though the family room.  I tripped on one of my daughter’s toys.  Laundry went flying and I ended up whacking my foot against the side of the sofa.  The result was a broken toe and one very grouchy mama!  I imagine that toy-strewn houses are quite common, so I decided to write a book about it.  It’s a funny story that appeals to both kids and adults.  My hope is that kids will find inspiration to clean up their messes so that parents will have fewer grouch attacks! 

Happy Birthday Author: What are your plans for the future as an author?
Sherry Ellis:  As far as future plans, I am working on quite a few projects.  I have written several manuscripts for picture books.  I have also started working on a series of chapter books for young readers that are similar in style to Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House Series.  These books are going to incorporate a little history, a little culture, and a little adventure into the stories.  Another neat project I have started, is writing music for Tom and Tess Hannah’s poetry in their book, The Endless String.  Perhaps there is a children’s CD in the future as well! 
Happy Birthday Author:  That is very interesting about writing music for Tom and Tess Hannah.  I just celebrated a Surprise Party for them last week.  What are the chances of that!

Happy Birthday Author: What routines of reading did you have for your children?
Sherry Ellis: Fostering a love of books with my children is very important in my house.  We have a bed time ritual where I read one or two stories (or chapters to my older daughter).  Then we make up our own.  I start and idea and then ask my children to add to it.  It only takes about five or ten minutes, but it’s so much fun!  My kids look forward to it every night. 
Happy Birthday Author:  I love the idea of having them finish a story you started.  I am going to have to try that with my children.

Happy Birthday Author: When is your birthday? 
Sherry Ellis: August 1

Happy Birthday Author: Do you have a favorite a birthday memory or tradition?
Sherry Ellis:  My mom was a fabulous baker and cook.  Every birthday she would bake a delicious cake, and I would get to choose what I wanted for dinner.  Almost every time, I would choose her Hungarian Chicken Paprikas.  I looked forward to it every year.

Happy Birthday Author: Any additional information that you think the readers of my blog would like to know? Advice for new moms?
Sherry Ellis: Enjoy each season of motherhood as much as you can.  I know the sleep deprivation, dirty diapers, and messy rooms can be a drag – I’ve been there! Just try to remember that the film of childhood plays only once.  Be there for your kids and have fun!

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  1. I have read "That Mama is a Grouch." As a grandmother of five little ones having new ways to teach the grandchildren about rules and good behavior when visiting is helpful. That Mama is a Grouch addresses house rules.

  2. This book sounds fun!!
    Boy...another great one to add to my her newest one coming out sounds exciting as well!! I just joined JF a couple weeks ago and she so kindly extended me a warm welcome!! What a nice B-day tribute for her!!! Happy Birthday Sherry!!


  3. Hmm. Broken toes and things flying and a grouchy mama? I may need to let my foot heal from a recent incident before reading this one. Sounds like a fun book. I'll add both to my TBR list.

    1. Thanks Stacy! What happened to you -- did you have a grouchy mama moment?


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