Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Share a Story, Shape a Future - Day 3, Understanding Readers

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Share-a-Story, Shape-a-Future is in its third day and continues through Friday, March 9th.  This event is an online, collaborative effort to share ideas and celebrate everything reading has to offer our kids.  This year's theme is The Culture of Reading.

Today's focus was Understanding Readers hosted by Terry Doherty from Family Bookshelf.  She offers two posts -- Books and the Fourth Grader: Discovering a Reader and No Time to Write: Musings of Children's Book Author, Surgeon, and Read Aloud Dad.

Every day of the week there is also a chance for bloggers to participate in the event by reflecting upon reading with the Writing @ Reading challenge.  I have participated in this way the past two years and found it very beneficial in developing my ideas and thoughts about reading.

The writing prompt I chose to reflect upon today is:

Is there a young reader (or reader to be) in your life? Write them a letter expressing what you hope for them as readers.

Dear My Dude (my son),

You have been stuck in the middle.  Your older sister can read. Your younger brother gets extra read-aloud time because we read to him before his nap and at nighttime.  Occasionally you voice your frustration, "I can't read those words yet!" You have even asked your mom and I, "When are you going to teach me to read?" I sometimes see the frustration in your eyes when I am reading aloud and your sister begins reading along too. 

I can tell you that it won't be long. I see you pour over the photographs and illustrations in your Star Wars books and the Calvin and Hobbes collections.  You are reading and you don't even know it yet! Today, your sister spelled, "V-A-N" out loud and you said, "VAN!" I wasn't surprised because I know you are going to be a great reader.

You have been stuck in the middle. I know it is tough.  Some day, those words are going to jump off the page and you will say to me, "Dad, I can read!" I will be so happy to see the excitement in your eyes.

I love you.


Do you remember the first time your child proclaimed that they were a reader?  Do you have reader that is about to say those glorious words, "I CAN READ!"?

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