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Happy Birthday Lois Ehlert - November 9

Happy Birthday Lois Ehlert - November 9

Every month I pull out all the books we have collected over the years from authors whose birthdays we have celebrated. I place them on a shelf in our living room.  My children often choose from these books for before bedtime reading. My older children really like revisiting their favorites and for my younger children they are hearing the books for the first time. It seems that everytime we read Lois Ehlert's books around her birthday we are inspired to create something. This year was no different.

Throughout September and October my youngest son paid close attention to his wildflower garden.  He had planted seeds in the garden in early spring and watched many of the flowers grow taller than himself by the end of summer. Once the flowers died and dried up he noticed an abundance of seeds. He said, "Dad, I need a baggie. I want to give these seeds to grandma." He filled up his little baggie and then we went in to make a simple card to give to her along with the seeds.

This week, we were reading Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. It reminded me that he had filled another baggie full of seeds from his wildflower garden, but had not given them to his other grandma like he intended.  I asked him if he would like to make a card for his grandma to give her the seeds he collected. He thought it was a good idea.

I found this cool brownish rippled piece of paper that inspired an idea for his card.  He cut in a jagged way to make it look like uneven ground that was ready for planting.
We planted the baggie of seeds in the ground with a stapler.
I asked him what his seeds needed in order to grow, so he drew a sun.
We included colored popsicle sticks so grandma could mark where she plants the seeds.
Lastly, he cut green stems and colored flowers.
A beautiful card that will help his grandma Plant a Rainbow at her house.
My children had no school this week on Election Day. Their school buildings were being used as polling stations.  In order to keep everyone busy on their day off, I placed markers, scissors, hole punches, colored paper, glue, designer craft punches, and many of Lois Ehlert books on our dining room table while my children finished up their breakfast. I planned on calling everybody in later in the morning once they were dressed and ready for something to do. However, right after breakfast, my son found all the materials and one by one everyone came into the room.

When my youngest son noticed Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On by Lois Ehlert, he said "I want to make those."  We had read the book the day before and he and his sister loved the book.

A great start to our day off!
The beginnings of my youngest son's Fish Eyes creation.
My oldest daughter created a fish too.
What can you create with paper, glue, hole punches, and scissors?
We were cutting and gluing all morning long. My 19 month old daughter enjoyed covering a piece of paper with glue and then sticking on all the scrap pieces left over from our projects.
There is a reason why our family has celebrated Lois Ehlert's birthday four out of the last five years. Her books are that good! Check out the links below for more information about Lois Ehlert and for our previous birthday celebrations.

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