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Happy Birthday, Aaron Becker - July 14

Happy Birthday, Aaron Becker - July 14

Last year the Journey trilogy was not yet complete when we celebrated Aaron Becker's birthday. We were still awaiting the arrival of Return and instead were inspired by the second book in the series, Quest.
The girl in the book wears a bandolier and we made ones just like hers!
We had a great time with last year's celebration and loved reading Return when it arrived at our house two weeks later.
But, the truth is even with making the bandoliers and having read all three books I was left with wanting to do more! I had another idea that I knew would be fun and I saved it for this year.

What was the idea? It was inspired by this full page spread in Quest.

I googled "walking bridges northeast Ohio" and I came across the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland. It looked like the perfect place to read the Journey trilogy once again with my family.

Why the Holden Arboretum? 

Because they have a canopy walk that is 500 feet long and 65 feet above the forest floor!  If you have read, Quest, you know that the girl and the boy are tracking down all the colored crayons to save the king. In order to get to the light-green crayon they must go across a huge bridge while being chased by guards. I just had to read Quest on a bridge!

We were lucky to have friends join us for this experience!
My daughter wore her bandolier that she made last year.
She was so brave crossing the bridge. It was a little creaky.
And it is really high up!
My son was brave too!
Just a dad with some books on a bridge.
What a crew!
There were a few landing areas along the canopy walk to stop and take in the scenery.  We thought this landing area was the perfect place to read a few books.
Here we are talking about the bridge in Quest and comparing it to the one we were on.
I was thinking....This reading experience has been smooth. No problems whatsoever.
Then, my wife asked my daughter to take the light-green crayon out of her bandolier and pretend she just found it at the end of the bridge. And....
She dropped the crayon! It went through a hole in the bridge and fell to the forest floor.
I said to all the kids, "We must find the light-green crayon to save the king," but a fence stood in our way.
Suddenly, the fence stopped and there was opening to reach the landing area where the crayon fell. Would we find it?
Yay!! A brave adventurer saved the day...and the king!
They told me to keep the crayon safe in the bandolier as we went to the next part of our adventure.
The Emergent Tower was next! It stands 120 feet off the ground.
My youngest adventurer was tired from all the walking, so I put her on my shoulders. She needed to conserve her energy to climb 202 steps to the top.
This one said, I am not scared of heights.
A beautiful view!
My daughter said, "The scary part was that we were taller than the trees." I said, "The scary part was that the tower swayed more than I expected!"

Our Journey trilogy adventure was complete. We did it! I am so thankful for days like this with family and friends! Memories like these, especially the memory of dropping the light-green crayon, will be ones we remember forever.

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