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Happy Birthday, Kate McMullan - January 16

Happy Birthday, Kate McMullan - January 16

10 years of birthday cakes for Kate McMullan.

I can't believe it!

My kids, especially my oldest son, have grown up looking forward to baking a birthday cake every January for Kate McMullan inspired by one of her books.

This year's inspiration was her new book, I'm Tough!. The red pick-up truck may not be the biggest truck but it shows its toughness as it completes three important jobs. Long Lumber, heavy gravel, and tall hay stacks are no match for this tough truck! The newest creation from Kate and Jim McMullan will delight the fans who loved their other books I Stink, I'm Mighty!, I'm Dirty!, I'm Bad!, I'm Big!, I'm Fast!, I'm Cool!, I'm Brave!, and I'm Smart!. (All of which have been featured as birthday cakes on our blog!)

What was our favorite part of the book? Load #3. The Hay Ride! This load is a "whopper" and we loved reading and acting out ---

the wiiiiiide curve (Whoooooooa!),
the sharp curve (Ooooooh!!),
and the corkscrewww!
Plus, how fun is it to say, "HEY, HAY! Take it away!"

So, are you ready to see this year's birthday cake? It turned out amazing. My boys did it all on their own with just a little help from their sister.

They aren't the biggest bakers in the house, but their big enough, 'cause guess what -- THEY'RE TOUGH!
And strong -- cake batter is pretty heaveeeeeeeey!
He measured and cut out the shape of the pickup truck.
Little sister always shows up when she hears the word --- frosting!
For us, the most anxious part of the whole process is getting the first layer of frosting on the cake.
My son confidently said, "Don't worry, it always works out."
He was a confident decorator.
He captured many of the little details from Jim McMullan's illustration.
Well done, my man!
Here is a close up of the cake!
It warms my heart that they still enjoy listening to me read picture books after 10 years.

The whole crew! (well, not the whole crew...my wife, Lisa is taking the photo!)
The cake tasted as good as it looked!

Thank you, Kate McMullan for 10 years of family fun!

Buy I'm Tough today!

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