What the Authors and Illustrators have said about Happy Birthday Author

Your email and the posting of my birthday on your website helped make my birthday a very special one. I very much appreciate the 'sharing' of my books that you've done, and I love the snowflake activity you did with your children -- the photographs of all the folding and cutting and revealing of flakes looks like so much fun! Thanks so much and all the best to you and your family. -- Keith Baker

Wow, Eric. The post is absolutely amazing, and the amount of homework you performed stunning. I loved learning about Warther's. What a fantastic museum. Please thank your children for me, too, for being willing photography subjects. -- Patricia Newman

Facebook friends brought my attention to my birthday blog party, featuring THE RUNAWAY TORTILLA. I'm impressed! You do a fantastic job of promoting children's books. Keep it up. - Eric A. Kimmel

Aside from being the father of the year, you are so gracious and thoughtful! Thank you for allowing me to meet and spend time with your children and wife. It was the highlight of my time in D.C. I hope you know your commitment to exposing your family to literature is a gift to many. -- Andrea Davis Pinkney

What a terrific birthday gift. I really enjoyed poking around your site -- the posts were all thoughtful and smart. We're lucky to have you writing about books. -- Mac Barnett

Thanks for creating the post - reading it was a wonderful way to start my birthday. It was really neat to see the kids at work. You are giving them such a special foundation in the arts - I wonder how they will absorb that into their beings!  Thanks for including me in the mix. -- Julie Paschkis

OH MY WORD!!! I LOVE YOUR POST! I wish I'd seen it on my birthday, since it would have been a fabulous gift! The pillowcases are darling....hmmm...is there marketing potential there? :) -- Sherry Duskey Rinker

From Peter H. Reynolds:

How sweet of you to celebrate my birthday with a tea-party! After reading the blog and seeing your photos I got the biggest smile on my face! Thank you so much! When I blow my birthday bubbles on Monday I will send some sailing into the sky -- for you!  - Eileen Spinelli

That is amazing! You obviously put a lot of work into that.  Thank you for such a great Birthday gift! And one that I can share with everyone. Now I know I will have a very happy Birthday. Love the cubes your daughter made. Here's cheering you with a birthday cupcake.  - Charise Mericle Harper

I love your website! You are a busy guy! - Nancy Carlson

Wow! What an amazing blog, site, and celebration! Thank you so very much for honoring my birthday in this way.  I am just delighted to see all that you do. I'm happy to share your blog with others and thank you, profoundly, for your support and for spreading your love of reading.  - Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Thanks so much Eric, the website looks great and it's a nice touch that you emailed me actually on my birthday (I'm sure other authors like this). It's great that you were able to use my website for source material and thanks for the plug.  - Jez Alborough

Thanks, Eric. A nice post.  You are doing good work for kids and for all of us who are connected with children's books.  - Marion Dane Bauer

Really fun, Eric! Thanks so much for including me. - Marc Brown

Thanks for the lovely presentation of Trashy Town and author spotlight. The video of Mr. Gilly around the town was great! You do a great job on your blog. - Andrea Zimmerman

Wow! Such an honor! Thank you for celebrating my birthday! I am incredibly honored! - Jarrett Krosoczka

What a great blog! I just stumbled on it this afternoon! Keep up the great work! - Bob Staake

Thank you, Eric, that's a lovely post and added something very special to my birthday! - Katharine Holabird

Thanks so much, Eric.  What a thoughtful and comprehensive post! This is a great birthday present. I especially like the fact that you did activities with your children based on my books. I love those photos. - Stuart J. Murphy

Hi, Eric, your website is awesome! I readlly loved the activities you came up with- when I saw your daughter making monster trading cards I wanted to get our a pen and make some of my own! Wish I had time. Anyway, thanks for this, it's really impressive. - Daniel Kirk

I clicked on your link and wanted to thank you for the birthday page and the delightful article you have written about Dear Zoo and my books, and I especially like the description of bookmaking with your children.  Fantastic. You should consider writing a book for parents on all aspects of books for the young child - choosing the right ones, introducing children to books, book related activities, etc. You would do a great job! - Rod Campbell

What a treat! Thanks to you, and your kids for bringing 32 pages of paper to life - Tom Lichtenheld

Sweetest unsolicited birthday skit ever! - Mo Willems

What a terrific posting. Thanks so much. I love the photos of you and your wife and family, and also loved that you spent time in Harlan County.  - Kathi Appelt

Oh man! This is fantastic, Eric. Those cake-baking pics are the best! Thank you so much. - Kate McMullan

Thanks for the wonderful birthday present! That was very sweet, and I especially love the pictures of your kids with their dragons scales. - Richard Cowdrey

Eric, you not only talk the talk, you also walk the walk.  It's inspiring to me to read how you use my books with your children.  You make me want to write more and more books about all kinds of fascinating things happening in the natural world.  Thank you for your terrific blog - Seymour Simon

I am overwhelmed by you and your children's wonderful contribution to my happiest birthday ever! Your children are so fresh and sweet...little cherubs.  The time and thought that you took to honor my birthday is beyond mere words that I express here in gratitude.  Every picture shows your wonderful thoughts and feelings...I feel so blessed that someone would take the time to do this for me.  Your website is a wonderful homage to children's book authors and a thoughtful way to share your love of reading with your children and other families.  A great way to give back and receive at the same time.  - Audrey Wood

You did quite a job for my birthday! - Judy Schachner

I am totally blown away by this! You! Your kids! Your driveway! Your family of almost-139 (yowza!). Thank you so much.  It was an honor to see your post and to know that you guys did all that research and then really took my books out and played with them. - Erica S. Perl

Thanks for this great treat on my birthday.  As you might imagine, I too have a great fondness for Otho and was thrilled to see you and your son having so much fun bringing the story to life.  Thanks for the birthday greeting and your kids words.  - Eric Rohmann

The best birthday I ever had is today's, because I get blog-celebrated which is incredibly cool! - Kate Davis

Eric VanRaepenbusch did an amazing job celebrating my birthday with Dinosaur Mardi Gras! Check out the Dinosaur Doubloon memory game he made and played with his kids. Soooo cool! - Dianne de Las Casas

Thank you so much for this lovely post! What a nice birthday present! And thanks for your birthday wishes and especially for letting me know you and your children enjoyed the books - that's the best present of all!  - Susanna Leonard Hill

Great post. Thanks! I'm honored. - Tad Hills

It's 6:45am and you've made my day! Thank you. Your ninjas were fantastic; this shadow-play was better than any award that could be conjured up in mere symbols to celebrate a book! - Ed Young

I can't thank you enough for your fantastic blog. And those photos of your children, who obviously love penguins as much as I (and Adrianna) do are priceless. SO adorable! They are very fortunate to be growing up with a dad who is introducing them to the world of literature, and field trips, so early. - Florence Minor

From Tara Lazar:

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